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State of Montana Plumber in Warm Springs, Montana

Job Overview: This position is assigned to the Addictive and Mental Disorders Division (AMDD) for the Department of Public Health and Human Services. AMDD provides public inpatient and community mental health and chemical dependency treatment services to the citizens of Montana. Montana State Hospital provides inpatient hospital psychiatric treatment. The Plumber is responsible for installing and maintaining water and sewage distribution systems, natural gas systems, compressed air systems, steam distribution systems, and heating and ventilation systems at Montana State Hospital. Experience, training, knowledge, skills, abilities and other qualifications must be entered into the online application. Additional materials submitted, but not requested will not be considered. Major Duties or Responsibilities: 1. Plumbing (90%) * Performs plumbing duties in accordance with Administrative Rules of Montana and Montana Code Annotated for those individuals carrying a plumber’s license with the state of Montana. These duties include, but are not limited to, installing and maintaining water distribution systems, sewage distribution systems, natural gas systems, compressed air systems, and hot water heat distributions systems, and pumps associated with those systems. * Installs and maintains heating and ventilation systems including, but not limited to, changing and/or calibrating sensors, resetting alarms and troubleshooting for HVAC units. 2. Refrigeration 5% * Makes minor repairs and troubleshoots refrigeration systems and ice machines throughout MSH. 3. Other Duties 5% * Performs other duties as assigned in emergencies and as needed and appropriate within craft jurisdictions Physical and Environmental Demands: Physical hazards presented are the possibility of injury to self or others due to the unpredictable, and sometimes violent behavior of patients. Physical demands may involve prolonged periods of working in confined spaces, kneeling, standing, and sitting in awkward positions. Must be able to tolerate unpleasant working conditions and smells. Must be able to safely lift and hold items weighing up to 50 pounds. Must be able to withstand temperature extremes from outside in freezing weather to hot steam tunnels. Must be in a physical condition, which will permit the wearing of a respirator for and extended period Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (Behaviors required for the first day of work): * Must be able to organize workload in such a manner as to obtain maximum efficiency in a cost-effective manner. * Must be proficient in operating equipment normally used in the plumbing trade. * Must be skilled in the operation of various pieces of testing equipment, welding, and oxy-acetylene torches. Must be skilled in the reading of blueprints. * Performs all work tasks in a proper and safe manner following established policies, general safety rules, and safe operating procedures. * Cooperates with other staff and demonstrates respect for other employees, which contributes to a positive and efficient working environment. * Complies with Department, Division, and Unit policy and/or direction and consult, as needed or required, with supervisors to obtain clarification or address concerns. * Ability to work with a diverse group of employees and establish and maintain effective working relationships with others and provide excellent customer service. * Ability to set priorities and manage time effectively. * Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing. * Act with initiative and good judgment. * Work around/with the mentally ill, unpredictable, and security risk patients without becoming personally involved. * Follow written and oral instructions explicitly, and to perform accurate and thorough work. * React quickly and appropriately to emergency situations and to handle a wide variety of emergencies and unusual events. * Perform physical labor in a safe and efficient environment. * Ability to complete work neatly, professionally and in a timely manner. Minimum Qualifications (Education and Experience): * High school diploma or equivalent * Completion of a four (4) year apprenticeship program or completion of a two (2) year trade school plus two (2) years of job-related experience. * Licensed as a plumber with the state of Montana or able to attain licensure prior to beginning work. Candidates will be evaluated to determine if they meet the minimum qualifications listed above and on the extent to which the application shows the candidate possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with this position. Candidates who’s application and supporting documentation (cover letter, resume) do not clearly indicate all minimum qualifications are met will not be considered. Job: Building/Grounds Maintenance* *Title: *Plumber Location: Warm Springs Requisition ID: 21141047